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While other schools use uncomfortable folding tables and chairs, Certified Driving School (CDS) has a luxurious "board room" style facility that would rival any corporate office in Oklahoma and instead of relying heavily on the state one dimensional written manual available at any tag office CDS incorporates a colorful fast moving twin big screen presentation that uses short videos, power points, charts, graphs and even cartoons to reinforce modern driving's main points and nuances in a light, interesting and easily rememberable fashion.

Certified Driving School
Certified Driving School

CDS is a family business owned and operated by Larry Swindell and wife Debbie Lack-Swindell a 50- year resident of Garfield County. Larry and Debbie are members of Grace Bible Church, Enid Chamber of Commerce, The Moose Lodge and Meadowlake Golf Course. They have 4 children and 7 grandchildren and consider their students as family. Larry most recently was in charge of student driving services at Job Corps a Federal Program with strict safety procedures, protocol and inordinately high expectations. He has worked with students with learning issues and special needs and with lots of diversity. CDS openly welcomes students of all cultures. Larry is a member of the Choctaw Tribe in Oklahoma.

Larry Swindell is not only certified by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety to teach and own a private driving school but is also certified by the Oklahoma State Department of Education as a teacher of Driver's Education, Communications and other language arts. He's taught Psychology, Business, Yearbook, Newspaper, Photography, Journalism, Speech and English at both the high school and junior college level.

"Our Christian business is committed to not just teach area youth 'How to pass the drive test' but rather to helping them learn about vehicles, safety and decision- making skills that will last from now on and safe guard them from injury and other dangers on local streets and highways!" explained Larry. "We are convinced that our curriculum, small class size, private lessons, instrument centered cars, in cabin and dash cams and my experiences as both a driving instructor and educator make our school far superior to the others in the area. And at a lower price too!"

Dashcam Features

Full Featured Real Time Streaming Dash Cameras in Our Car

Our in cabin and frontal view camera solution provides Real Time video streaming to give you the parent the "full picture" of what's happening on the road and inside the vehicle when your student driver is taking a private lesson. The system is a feature packed dash camera that includes the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology and a link to the vehicle's hot spot to send images to any device capable of receiving the internet...phone, tablet or computer. CDS records and reviews all training sessions for quality control and integrity.

Dashcam Features

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